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1.Finding The Life Script In The Chart
Our chart constitutes a life script, the plot of which we enact over and over in our daily lives. While its theme is usually outside of conscious awareness and control, astrology provides a way of revealing and remythologizing this drama. Learn how planetary aspects, dispositorships, and house significators expose the skeletal structure of one’s personal mythology.
$24.95 (3 tapes)
2.Psychopathology & Healing In The Birthchart
How psychological problems originate in grim, unconscious, pathogenic beliefs that are revealed in the birthchart · personality disorders and associated planets · tests and trials of major aspects · developmental experiences and house configurations · how a process of healing is built into the structure of the horoscope.

(4 tapes)
3. Finding The Beloved In The Horoscope
All day seminar on how the natal chart symbolizes basic styles and issues of relationship.  Intimate relationship as a sacred path · aspects to Venus as core beliefs about the Beloved · outer planet aspects and the quest for the mythical mate · identifying challenges and obstacles to intimacy.
$31.85 (4 tapes)
4.From Thorns To Roses: Healing Difficult Aspects
How healing and integration can be understood astrologically · how to actualize positive potentials inherent in difficult aspects · astrological indicators of pathogenic beliefs and how to disconfirm them · why containment and control are keys to integration.
$31.85 (4 tapes)
5.Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: Aspects To The Outer Planets
Aspects to the outer planets symbolize our capacity to identify with transpersonal forces. Learn why hard aspects often correlate to experiences of childhood trauma · outer planet impingements and their relationship to psychopathology · the importance of honoring one’s daimon · becoming an agent of divine intent—letting go and letting God.
$31.85 (4 tapes)
6.Saturn And Pluto Through The Houses
Saturn and Pluto are the two heavies of the planetary pantheon. Difficult experiences in the houses they tenant are synchronistic with negative ideas and images held internally. Finding out what these inner images are, and changing the story that supports them, is the key to creating more satisfying external outcomes.
$31.85 (4 tapes)
7. Aspects As Personal Myths
Planetary aspects as core beliefs that underlay thoughts, feelings, and behavior · tests and trials of major configurations · how hard aspects can be productive of psychological gifts.
$31.85 (4 tapes)
8. Synchronicity And Astrology
Astrological archetypes connect the inner to the outer world · horoscopes symbolize both the character of one's fate and the fate of one's character · the evolutionary intent of synchronistic experience.
$24.85 (3 tapes) 
9. Astrological Counseling Techniques
The astrologer’s job is to reframe information the client provides in order to stimulate insight, promote hope, and encourage growth. Maximize the therapeutic impact of a single consultation.
$24.95 (3 tapes)




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