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1.Introduction To Psychological Astrology
A six week class focusing on the fundamentals of a psychological approach to astrology · signs as basic needs · planets as psychological functions · houses as environmental contexts · aspects as internal dialogues · how the zodiac symbolizes the structure and dynamics of the psyche · the horoscope as personal mythology. $75 (12 tapes)
2.Depth Analysis Of The Natal Chart
A six week class on chart delineation from a psychological perspective · finding the life script in the chart · synthesizing signs, planets, and houses into coherent sentences · tracing motivational flows through dispositors and significators · aspect theory and the linking of planets into an intelligible story structure · hard aspects and unconscious pathogenic beliefs · karma and synchronicity · use of the chart as a diagnostic and counseling tool.
$75.00 (12 tapes)
3.Peeling The Planetary Onion
A ten week class exploring the meaning of each planet in a variety of sign, house, and aspect combinations. Learn how to synthesize a planet on six levels: (1) its basic function and motivation; (2) the house it signifies; (3) the planets it disposits; (4) its sign position; (5) its house placement; and (6) its planetary aspects. $95 (20 tapes)
4.Planets In Houses
Planets manifest subjectively and objectively. Thus planetary house positions show how we behave and what we experience in specific situations. Taking one planet each week, we explore the inner and outer experience of that planet in each house position. You will learn the psychological requirements of houses and why outcomes vary over time.
$95 (20 tapes)
5.Delineating The Personal Myth
A powerful twelve-week class on chart synthesis with a focus on revealing the overall narrative theme of one chart each week. Utilizing an intensive case study approach supplemented by documents that attest to the subject’s actual life history, our goal is to illuminate the inner pattern of the life. Charts are of famous politicians, entertainers, scientists, artists, heroes and villains.
$120.00 (24 tapes)



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