What Is…

AstroPsychology is a brand of psychological astrology characterized by uncommon rigor, structure, and precision. While firmly grounded in horoscopic astrology’s 2000 year tradition, it builds on this foundation by incorporating concepts from depth psychology, perennial philosophy, and new paradigm sciences.

Jung’s archetypal model is a central thread, but we borrow from other schools of thought, too, including psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology. Forged in the fires of actual psychotherapeutic practice, the resultant synthesis accelerates insight and deepens empathic rapport with clients.

Who Is…

Glenn Perry, Ph.D.

For the past 35 years, I’ve worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice using astrology as a diagnostic and prognostic tool. This website represents the accumulation of learning that’s resulted. Eight books are offered as well as recordings of astrology lectures, seminars, and classes.

For essays and position papers, check out Articles above. Astrological consultations and psychotherapy with astrology are also available. If you’re a beginning student or experienced astrologer who wishes to go deeper, our cutting edge courses at the Academy of AstroPsychology are unparalleled.

Featured Product

Delineating the Personal Myth

This is a powerful twelve-week astrology course on chart synthesis with a focus on revealing the overall narrative theme of one birth chart each week.  Utilizing an intensive case study approach supplemented by documents that attest to the subject’s actual life history, our goal is to illuminate the inner pattern of life and, in turn, show how it correlates to events, experiences, and achievements for which the native is renowned.

Handouts and slides accompany each week’s astrology class. Horoscopes are of famous politicians, entertainers, scientists, artists, heroes, and villains.


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