Dr. Perry does astrological consultations specializing in natal chart interpretation from a psychological perspective. He utilizes the predictive dimension of astrology for discussing the meaning of specific time periods.

Fees & Appointments
Sessions take place in my virtual zoom office (online).
All sessions can be recorded.

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$250 for 90 minutes
$175 for 60 minutes
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Eight Benefits Of An Astrological Consultation

  • helps individuals recognize strengths and talents
  • provides insight into psychological challenges
  • exposes synchronicities that link subjective & objective reality
  • elucidates patterns of growth and development
  • suggests the life purpose or calling
  • reveals the meaning of a particular experience or phase of life
  • targets periods of crisis and opportunity
  • deepens a sense of connection to the Universe

My Approach To The Chart

Astrological ConsultationsThe birthchart can be viewed as a symbolic portrait of the individual psyche. Each planet symbolizes a specific psychological function as well as a corollary external figure or event. Relations between planets signify the individual’s beliefs about the relative likelihood of meeting basic needs through interactions with others. The summary product of these beliefs constitutes the personal mythology or life script. By using the chart to gain insight into one’s personal mythology, the individual is empowered to consciously participate in his or her own evolution.

When doing astrological consultations, I first listen to the client’s story, which invariably conforms to the life script (birth chart). While the birthchart depicts the story in broad strokes, it is the client’s actual experience that tells me how s/he is living that story. The horoscope symbolizes early formative events while also suggesting how the client may have interpreted those experiences. Accordingly, the birthchart serves as a guide for asking relevant questions in order to discern if the client developed negative, constricting beliefs in response to frustrating life events. Having made this assessment, I then offer clients insight into the nature and consequences of their beliefs. In other words, the chart symbolizes the critical formative events and subsequent beliefs that underlie the client’s story. The value of an astrological consultation is that it enables the client to see his or her story objectively. By gaining perspective, clients are able to liberate themselves from old beliefs that may no longer be appropriate to present circumstances.

Further work includes discerning the moral of the story; that is, the lessons learned and gifts of character that develop over time. I then preview coming attractions by predicting what life will look and feel like as the client continues to grow. Finally, we look at transits and progressions—movements of planets—as keys to unlocking the meaning and opportunity of specific time periods.


To schedule an appointment, call: 321-610-3670

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