Claire James Book Review:
Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart



Glenn Perry’s Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart goes beyond conventional psychodynamic theory and its implicit determinism, presenting a more holistic, spiritual view of the psyche and a deeper, astrological understanding of the root cause of human suffering. He explains how the birth chart can be utilized as a diagnostic tool, why mental disorders correlate to extreme, unbalanced expressions of astrological archetypes, and how such extremism is a product of unresolved intrapsychic conflict.

Perry repudiates the underlying, deterministic beliefs inherent in astrology by offering an astrological model that substantiates the primacy of consciousness as causal reality. The horoscope depicts an open, evolving, self-transcending system in continuous exchange with its environment. Psychodynamics, he says, are synchronistically reflected in, but not caused by, external events, and both are equally symbolized by the birth chart. This is a deeply compelling and empowering argument. A detailed examination of my own chart revealed certain patterns of behavior operating on autopilot. Understanding these patterns via methods laid out in the book has allowed me to work with the relevant archetypes in a conscious, intentional, and ultimately more productive way.

Difficult chart configurations are covered in depth with a strong focus on hard aspects from outer planets. How astrology can be used to discern the purpose of events, facilitate integration, and actualize psychological potential is discussed at length. Whereas most astrology books offer comparatively simplistic approaches to aspect analysis, Depth Analysis helped me see how the same configuration that symbolizes earlier, traumatic life experiences can provide a pathway to more elevated functioning in the future. This concept has not only reframed my overall understanding of astrology, it has been personally transformative.

Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart is a comprehensive, well-written book for those interested in expanding their understanding of astrology and its therapeutic applications. In my own experience, it has been a wonderful tool for deepening awareness of the underlying patterns of thinking and feeling that drive behavior. While foundational concepts of AstroPsychology are thoroughly explained, the reader will gain more from the material if they already have a rudimentary understanding of astrology. Especially useful are the principles outlined in Dr. Perry’s earlier work, “An Introduction to AstroPsychology”.

~By Claire James


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