Concepts & Theory

09/09/23: Book Review of Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart

09/05/23: AstroPsychology as Personality Theory

09/08/19: Saturn Opposing my Sun: Walls, Limits, Ladders and Falls

09/01/18: The Jig is Up, You’re Down: Transiting Saturn Opposed Natal Sun

04/05/18: Are We Free to Discuss Astrology’s Real Problems? 

02/09/18: The Two Zodiac Problem: Toward an Empathic Understanding

09/03/17: Stories that Feel Good are More Likely to be True

04/03/17: A Meditation on Aries-Mars: Why Fortune Favors the Brave

06/27/16: Ruminations on Sun-Sign Cancer

09/29/15: The Horoscope as Evolving Story

08/06/15: Mercury as Final Dispositor: Its Meaning in the Horoscope

09/02/14: Multiple Layers of Meaning

08/06/14: The Significance of Planetary Emotions

02/16/14: Father and Related Characters in the Horoscope

09/03/13: Planetary Faculties & Functions

09/03/13: Battling Astrological Prejudice

08/14/13: The Zodiac as the Archetype of the Self

08/14/13: The Concept of Integration

05/05/13: Transiting Neptune on the I.C.

03/13/13: Planetary Goals and Target States

10/10/12: Twins, Integration, and the Music of the Soul

07/25/12: The Archetypal Origins of Motivation

07/11/12: Intrinsic Motivation and Astrological Signs

10/01/11: The Protean Nature of Astrological Archetypes

07/26/11: Planetary Dynamics and Sign Motivations

04/15/11: Butterfly Lovers and Other Venus-Neptune Tales of Woe

02/22/11: Nine Essential Features of Archetypal Cosmology

02/22/11: Astronomy’s Shadow

09/01/10: Inescapable Archetypal Ambiguity

01/03/10: Letter to an 8th Grader

06/10/09: The Wisdom of Defenses

06/10/09: Couple Compatibility In Synastry: Pretensions of Omniscience

04/07/09: Personality, Fate, and Causality in AstroPsychology

02/22/09: Toward an Astrological Theory of Personality

07/29/06: AstroMyopia: Missing the Forest for the Tree

08/11/05: Reincarnational (Evolutionary) Astrology

07/11/05: Astrological Archetypes As Geometric Forms

03/11/05: What Is Psychological Astrology?

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