From Ancient to Postmodern Astrology

An Integral Approach to the Arrow of Time

Authored by Glenn Perry Ph.D

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This book explores the origins and development of astrology in the context of consciousness evolution. Early stargazers regarded fate as the all-powerful will of the gods that could be propitiated, but not denied. Hellenistic astrologers adopted the Stoic philosophy of a rigidly deterministic cosmos that could be transcended by cultivation of virtue, fortitude, and non-resistance. Modern astrologers, borrowing from humanistic and depth psychology, focused on explicating the interior of the self while minimizing the importance of prediction and external fate. Post-modern practitioners are moving in yet a new direction, emphasizing a participatory, co-creative relationship with heavenly powers that recognizes the significance of external events as vehicles and catalysts for conscious evolution.

A main premise of the book is that astrology’s history reflects the evolution of human consciousness. Each type of astrology—archaic, traditional, modern, and post-modern—is inclusive of preceding eras; yet, each is fundamentally changed by virtue of a higher, more encompassing view. As consciousness evolves, our relationship to the inner and outer world changes with it. Earlier stages of astrology were characterized by a static world view, a weakly differentiated self, and an omnipotent cosmos whose decrees were determinant of both character and fate. Later stages of astrology are characterized by an evolutionary world view, an increasingly differentiated and conscious self, and the recognition that fate reflects character while also providing the impetus for its further development.

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About the author: Glenn Perry, Ph.D. is a professional astrologer and licensed psychotherapist in Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Dr. Perry is founder of the Academy of AstroPsychology, an online school that offers courses and training in psychological astrology. He has written eight books and lectures internationally on the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and psychotherapy.

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