From Royalty to Revolution

The Sun Uranus Relationship

Authored by Glenn Perry Ph.D



This book explores the archetypal meaning of the Leo-Aquarius polarity and delineates the deeper significance of aspects between their respective rulers -- the Sun and Uranus. Just as the Sun resides at the heart of the solar system, so also it symbolizes the heart and will of the individual. The purpose of the Sun is to develop self-esteem and a bounded, well-defined sense of self. The antithesis of the Sun, however, is the planet Uranus, which signifies the need for detachment and liberation from fixed definitions of self. Integrating these opposite but ultimately complementary processes is the key to both personal and collective evolution.

As the ruler of Leo, the Sun represents a set of interrelated psychological functions represented in myth and literature by specific archetypes -- the Ruler, the Creator, and the Hero. Likewise, as the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus signifies certain functions that are embodied in the archetype of the Trickster, or Fool, which is the natural counterpart to solar images. Whereas the solar principle leads to self-esteem and the construction of a personal identity, Uranus invites identification with the cosmic will and thereby awakens the self to a transpersonal, collective identity.

If unintegrated, aspects between these two planets can indicate an unstable self-image, schizoid disorder, and perverse rebelliousness -- or, resistance to change and compensatory egotism. If well integrated, however, these same aspects symbolize a capacity for conscious evolution, recognition of impermanence, and emancipation from the dictates of pride. Full integration enables one to be led by a higher intelligence for the sake of the collective good.


Publication Date:May 4, 2012
ISBN/EAN13:061563401X / 978-0615634012
Page Count:144
Size:5.2" x 8"



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About the author: Glenn Perry, Ph.D. is a professional astrologer and licensed psychotherapist in Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Dr. Perry is founder of the Academy of AstroPsychology, an online school that offers courses and training in psychological astrology. He has written eight books and lectures internationally on the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and psychotherapy.

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