Issues and Ethics

In the Profession of Astrology

Authored by Glenn Perry Ph.D

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Ethics has only recently come to the attention of the astrological community. In this book, the nature of ethical codes and ethical decision making is thoroughly explored. While some theoretical matters are covered, readers are primarily introduced to professional and ethical issues that affect the actual practice of astrology. Not only are the articles intrinsically interesting, they are also personally revealing. Readers will find much within these pages that will make them better astrologers.

The following questions (and many others) are raised: What major ethical issues face astrological practitioners? How do astrologers' needs, values and beliefs influence what they say to clients? Should different subfields in astrology have different ethical standards? What are the perils of telling clients what to do? Why is inflation an occupational hazard among astrologers? How can events be predicted in a professional and responsible manner? Is archaic terminology detrimental to astrologers and clients? What are the unique ethical issues involved in reincarnational astrology? Should astrologers see clients on an ongoing basis? Under what circumstances should a client be referred to a psychotherapist?

While individual practitioners may approach these questions from different perspectives, our primary goal is to teach readers a process of thinking about the issues they will face as astrologers. Special attention is given to the astrologer's shadow and our collective vulnerability to issues of inferiority and inflation. To stimulate discussion and reflection, a variety of viewpoints are offered. Readers are also challenged to formulate their own positions.


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About the author: Glenn Perry, Ph.D. is a professional astrologer and licensed psychotherapist in Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Dr. Perry is founder of the Academy of AstroPsychology, an online school that offers courses and training in psychological astrology. He has written eight books and lectures internationally on the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and psychotherapy.

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