Psychotherapy with astrology (astrologically enhanced psychotherapy) is a relatively new treatment modality. As an astrological therapist and licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT 14207), Dr. Perry specializes in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationship issues. He has been in private practice since 1979 and works with individuals, couples, and families. 


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Astrologically Enhanced Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy with astrology

I see the human being as an evolving consciousness embedded within the larger consciousness of the Universe. Each person has an idiosyncratic psychic structure made up of various drives and functions, as symbolized by the birth chart. Fate necessarily flows from this structure, the first manifestation of which is the environment into which one is born.

Early formative experiences with parents and siblings activate the latent psychological capacities of the child. If basic needs are consistently satisfied, the child associates those needs with positive beliefs and feelings. However, if certain needs remain unfulfilled due to trauma or neglect, then the child develops negative beliefs and feelings around those needs. These experiences (both good and bad), and their corollary beliefs and feelings, gradually coalesce into a coherent story about the self-world relation. Once the rudimentary story is in place, it is lived and elaborated upon with results predicted by the story itself; that is, personal narratives function like self-fulfilling prophecies, producing experiences that recapitulate childhood prototypes.

Astrology indicates that character is fate, but fate can be altered by the development of character. This change process is usually initiated by painful experiences that mirror wounded parts of the psyche. Psychological wounds provide the impetus to heal. The healing process can be amplified by psychotherapeutic techniques that stimulate insight and provide a corrective emotional experience. As the client discovers and disconfirms his pathogenic beliefs, a more constructive story supplants the old one. And to the extent that this new story liberates healthy behavior, healing is accomplished and the psyche generates an altered fate that is consistent with the growth attained.

Astrologically enhanced psychotherapy utilizes the client’s horoscope as an adjunct to one’s own interpretive skills. The horoscope functions as a diagnostic tool of unparalleled richness because it is rooted in a mythological language that naturally lends itself to the story metaphor. In effect, the astrological chart symbolizes the personal narrative or life script. Each planet is a character in the story, symbolizing both an inner and outer reality. And because the birth chart is based on external referents (planets) that are observable and predictable, it provides an objective reference point to balance the subjectivity of the therapeutic process. Thus the horoscope enhances interpretive work and accelerates the entire process of therapy.

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“In my opinion, astrology is the only system that can successfully predict both the content and the timing of experiences encountered in psychotherapy.

~ Stanislav Grof, M.D. Former Chief of Psychiatric Research,
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
Author of Beyond the Brain

The birthchart depicts psychic structure, but the psyche is intrinsically dynamic and constantly evolving within the framework of that structure. Fate reflects the unfoldment of character while also acting as a spur to its further development.”

~ Glenn Perry

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