“I’m continuing to enjoy your books. In my 25 years of reading astrological literature, including almost everything by Rudyhar, I find your material to be the best I have ever seen. I hope you continue to write. Thanks!”

~ Nolan Myers, Ph.D.

“I just read your article on “Pluto Pathology” in The Mountain Astrologer. I can’t tell you how deeply your examination of Venus-Pluto problems and dynamics resonated within me. I underwent psychotherapy in my 20’s, and, as much as it helped me then, your words brought back much to me that I had forgotten.”

~ Cynthia D’Errico Clostre

“I’ve never written to comment to an author before, but after reading your “Pluto Pathology” in The Mountain Astrologer I feel compelled to pass on my appreciation of it! You know, we can read and hear the “same old stuff” over and over, but occasionally there comes a time when all the pieces are presented in such a way that the subsequent “ah-ha!” is as exhilarating as learning something for the first time. A little less breathlessly: it was great, and I enjoyed it enough to read it again.”

~ Kitty from England

“I just finished reading your article “Pluto Pathology”. Incredible! Thank you!”

~ Judy

“I want to compliment you for your wonderful articles on “The Marriage of Leo and Aquarius” in the last two issues of The Mountain Astrologer. They struck a chord in me that goes way back. I particularly appreciated the way you wove Taoist and Buddhist concepts into the picture. Thanks for sharing!”

~ Anders Asker, Stockholm, Sweden

“I just read your article “Ethics for Astrologers” in the last issue of The International Astrologer. I’d like to commend you on yet another highly interesting and thought-provoking piece. I never cease to be amazed at the quality of thought that goes into your writing.”

~ Ray Merriman

“I revisited our taped consultation from several years back. I usually pull it out once a year seeking a new perspective that I had not gleaned from it before. Just recently it was like listening to it for the first time. Wonderful insights opened various layers of meaning for me. It was not only the best consultation I have experienced but the best single session of any therapy that I’ve had.”

~ Brad Kochunas

“The best article in astrology I ever read was your “King Kong and The Venus Complex” in The Mountain Astrologer. The second best article was also yours, on “Venus and Pluto”. I meant to order your books after reading the earlier article and let it slip, but after Kong, I had to act. In my opinion, you are the most insightful psychological astrologer alive today.”

~ Kathy Overholt, Fort Pierce, FL

“I found my consultation with you much more insightful than those provided by other astrologers and source material I’ve read. The way you synthesize material from a variety of different sources gives a richer and more complete perspective to something that can otherwise be very fragmented and two dimensional.”

~ Deborah Pastuch

“Your article on Leo and Aquarius makes me proud to be an astrologer. Your integration of the Buddhist view of the ego into the Leo/Aquarius polarity was brilliant. It brings much-needed depth and spiritual insight into readings. Kudos.”

~ Mark McDonough

“As I continuously read your exquisitely detailed, brilliant, incredibly thought-provoking books, I have come to realize that you are the most talented, intuitive writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Such intense, perfect insights I will always cherish. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are an extraordinary blessing to the astrological community.”

~ Linda from Las Vegas

“I have read your articles over the years and really appreciate your views. You are probably one of the best voices in the field. The only person who comes close to you is Liz Greene.”

~ Maureen Demot

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