Transiting Neptune on the I.C.

by Glenn Perry

Student: I live in Florida. Can you give me some keywords for transiting Neptune in Aquarius on the I.C ? I’m worried that my home is going to collapse into a sinkhole!

Glenn: Well, that’s one possibility! Anytime Neptune makes contact with a sensitive point in the chart, that area plays ‘host’ to a Neptunian process. Affairs associated with the 4th will provide a vehicle for the further development of Neptunian potentials. This might mean needing to cultivate an attitude of ‘let go and let God’ in relation to home or family. For example, you might need to surrender, relinquish an attachment, or allow something to end. Neptune is also about compassion, empathy, and forgiveness, so your capacity to express these qualities is likely to develop through a cluster of experiences that center around 4th house themes.

Something might occur that pertains to an idealization of family or one’s ancestral past. Neptune can be visionary, so perhaps you’ll develop a deeper, more empathic understanding of what your ancestors suffered; or how the entire planet—mother earth, Gaia—is a living Being and our true home in a wider, spiritual sense; or how we are all one extended human family that transcends racial and national boundaries. Concerns for saving the earth, the green movement, and related concerns might come to the fore, especially given that Aquarius is concerned with movements and causes.

As for outcomes, anything other than a ‘wait and see’ attitude is just guesswork, for a transit can manifest in any number of ways: spiritualization of the home through feng shui, living temporarily at a spiritual retreat, camping in a state park and communing with nature, loss or sacrifice of home as occurred during Hurricane Sandy, concern for the homeless, family dissolution, loss or tragedy involving a family member, living or working in an institution that cares for victims, flooding in the home, moving to a home on the sea, saving a home in disrepair, watching extended reruns of “Gilligan’s Island”, and on and on!

Note that these ‘outcomes’ do not take into consideration Neptune’s sign position or the aspects it might form to natal planets. Whatever actually occurs will invariably reflect a higher level of complexity that we can readily grasp. All of this underscores that astrology is an indeterminate system.

In my opinion, the best use of a transit is to adopt the proper outlook signified by that planet. Strive to apply that mind-set in an optimal sense to whatever the events are that actually unfold. Guessing or anticipating what these events might be is somewhat of a fool’s errand, even though many clients expect us to provide them with advice and warnings. Focusing on what could or might happen of a negative nature is merely scare mongering. Just stay open, concentrate on the present, and go with the flow—especially when Neptune is involved! No one thing will happen, and whatever does will more perfectly express the configuration than any astrologer could possibly guess.

Also, work with the transit to make it what you want. The transit is not merely happening to you; you’re happening to it, too. Cultivate the appropriate attitude that pertains to Neptune: visionary idealism, faith in a higher power, surrender, compassion, forgiveness, resiliency, non-attachment, and a sense of flow, especially as such attitudes are required in relation to 4th house experiences. Cooperate with events as they unfold. For whatever does happen, its purpose is to serve as a catalyst for the further development and integration of your Neptunian potentials.

Above all, trust the Universe. It knows better what we need than we do.

* * * * *


  1. Michelle

    Neptune is on my IC in Pisces right now. I have been away from my house for a number of years and have just returned. In that time, the house was neglected and I am now repairing our home and applying a lot of creativity.

  2. Veronika Robinson

    Neptune conjunct my Aquarius IC found me moving to a wonderful, spacious idyllic home just 200 metres from where I was living.

  3. Zafar Jamal

    My wife left me on the exact day when the transit neptune was inconjunct my Ic… She left with my kids and I was devastated for days till I found out about my kids. She later filled for divorce. My life was in shambles for a year. Hadn’t been the same ever since…


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