Saturn Opposed my Sun

Walls, Limits, Ladders and Falls

By Glenn Perry

“Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival.”
~  Martha Gellhorn


Climbing the ladder of successTransiting Saturn has been opposing my natal Sun Cancer for the past six months, so I thought I would share a few experiences that might encapsulate the meaning of the period. Overall, it’s been somewhat uneventful – lots of hard work, as one might expect, especially pertaining to Saturn’s sojourn through my 9th (work related travel experiences, building my school, collaborative relationships with marketing experts). I’m usually working hard anyway, so I’m generally on fairly good terms with Saturn. But over the past few days, Saturn has taken a somewhat ominous turn. 

As we all know, Saturn rules limits, which can manifest as barriers, walls, obstacles, and so on. Saturn is our capacity to stay disciplined, slow down, and put on the brakes when necessary.  It also correlates to responsibilities, schedules, structures, bones and the skeletal system, especially the spine.

Ambition is another key function of Saturn, as in ‘climbing the ladder’, and ‘falls’ when one’s efforts to achieve or maintain a higher level prove insufficient. When opposing the Sun, Saturnian phenomena can challenge, and perhaps frustrate, solar intentions. Self-esteem can take a beating, and attempts at creative self-expression may flounder―that is, unless you’re writing something about Saturn. Then Saturn’s happy. But it better be real, as the grim reaper has no tolerance for anything less.

Like dreams, events in the real world often have synchronistic import. A given event may appear to have no particular significance; it’s just life as usual. But when deciphered through the language of astrology, it can be revealed to have a numinous, symbolic meaning.

Show the two windows

Yesterday I was on a ladder in my living room. I had to climb up onto a small balcony where there are two windows that I wanted to shut, which I do at the end of every summer. A ladder is the only way to reach them as the balcony is ten feet up (see left). However, when I had retrieved the ladder from my garage, the grass was wet and so the bottoms of my shoes became slippery. Yea, you know where this is going. When I lowered myself onto the first step of the ladder coming down from the balcony, my foot slipped. I twisted horrifically to the right, plunged downwards for what seemed an eternity and landed on my back with a cracking thud I will never forget. A sharp-edged table some eight feet below had broken my fall, but it was hardly helpful. I merely bounced off onto the hardwood floor.

A sharp edged tableAs I lay there, the pain was frighteningly intense. My first thought was that I had broken my back. And what a terrifying thought! I couldn’t breathe. I was afraid to move. Like a ball that had suddenly deflated and couldn’t re-inflate, I was gasping for air and crying out in despair for what I had done to myself, over and over the same words, “Oh, No! Oh, No!” I was shocked and so angry!

Gradually, I tested my spine and limbs as my breath slowly came back. As it turned out, I think I landed at an angle and in a spot that actually absorbed the impact in the best way possible. Had I landed on my feet, or my head, or in a different location on my back a few inches either way, I wouldn’t be writing these words. I would be in a hospital, or maybe a morgue. Eventually, I got up off the floor and carried the ladder back to the garage, almost as if to test that I was truly Okay. “Climbing the ladder” can be hard, but falls can kill you.

The day before, I was backing my Pickup out of the driveway when the brakes went out. Saturn, where are you when I need you? Apparently, there had been a leak in a frayed hose that feeds fluid to the brakes, and finally they just stopped working. So, my truck drifted a few feet and crashed into a stone wall on the other side of the street. Hello Saturn, nice to see you again. My truck was going slow, so there was no damage to me or it. However, can you imagine if my brakes went out as I was driving in traffic or going down a hill? It’s certainly more likely it would have happened then. The time it takes me to back out of my driveway is mere seconds; yet, I’m out in traffic for hours and hours. And I live at the bottom of a long, steep hill that ends in the Connecticut river. Why did my brakes go out precisely at that instant when I was least in danger? And why didn’t I break my back when I fell off a ten-foot ladder and landed on a table?

I think about these things. It’s not the first time I’ve had good luck with my bad. After a while you notice a pattern, and it’s undeniable. Something unwanted happens, but circumstances are such that it could have been a lot worse. In fact, there’s a far greater likelihood that it should have been much worse. I truly believe there’s a guardian angel looking out for me. And if I have one, it must be that we all do.

I’m not sure what part Saturn is playing in all this. It turns out that my truck not only needs a new break-fluid hose, its structural frame is corroded and unfixable; so, it’s going to be retired and I intend to buy a new 2019 Ford Ranger, which will definitely be an upgrade from my dilapidated, worn out 2003 version. Saturn likes upgrades; in fact, demands them, constantly. When structures break down, they need to be repaired or replaced. And I’ll be sure to bring my new truck in for required servicing on schedule, as Saturn requires, which I hadn’t done with my old Ranger (hence, the frayed break-fluid hose). Saturn seems to be warning me, “Stay focused and be responsible. Stick to your schedule. Put the brakes on when necessary.” 

Regarding the ladder, perhaps the lesson is that life is full of ups and downs, and one should be prepared for both. Obviously, this has career implications that go far beyond climbing ladders. Also, Saturn rules gravity (being itself “grave”), and there’s nothing like gravity to remind you of your limitations. I had been climbing that ladder to shut those windows for 12 summers and had always imagined what I would do if I fell. “I’ll be alright,” I told myself, fantasizing how I could adjust my body in mid flight to break the fall in any number of ways. The reality, however, was a bit different than my fantasy. How many times have we heard the line, “It all happened so fast, I had no time to think”? Now I really know what it means. Turns out I can’t fly. Reality can be a bitch.

The upshot is that I lost control. Again, the lesson seems fairly obvious: “Take it slow, be patient, and exercise due caution,” all of which I neglected to do when I took that first step onto the ladder from my balcony. I got reckless, and Saturn’s not down with that―though you may soon be, if you know what I mean. 

Still, I’m in one piece, so I will count my blessings, with Saturn’s lessons among them. After all, it could have been a lot worse. 



  1. Linda MacLeod Goodman

    I read this story weeks ago and it’s lingered in my consciousness. It’s the most definitive and uplifting experience of transiting Saturn I’ve ever read. To think of what might have happened but didn’t fills me with relief and gratitude. A world without Glenn Perry would be a world without Moonshine!

  2. Tiffany Treadwell

    Glenn I am so glad you are ok. It is also opposing my sun in the 5th house. Tough, tough lessons in love and romance for me. I slipped off the proverbial ladder attempting to reach something that was not meant for me. Be well! 🙂

  3. Kathleen Welch

    Yes, the first thing I thought of was angels watching out for us. Glad you’re OK, Glenn. Maybe a chiropractor’s visit is in order? (Saturn)

  4. Shirley Soffer

    Dear Glenn, Stay well and safe after those close calls. You are wise to ascribe Saturnine meaning to them in order to benefit from the god’s good heeding — so yes, slow down a bit. be more cautious, and thank your lucky stars who are looking after you. With best wishes, Shirley

  5. Fiona Barton

    Yikes! Glad to hear you were able to get up and walk away from a potentially horrible accident. Sounds like Jupiter may have been involved in the upside to this – watching your back, so to speak – it is in Sagittarius after all so a mix of good and bad luck seems apposite!

  6. Caleb C

    Glad to hear it wasn’t worse Glenn! Be careful when Saturn goes direct soon and passes back over those points. The planets often like to test whether we really learned our lesson on the third and final pass at the end of a retrograde.

  7. Scott Miller

    So happy to hear that you responded with such flexibility to your Saturnian challenges Glenn, most others during challenging Saturn transits respond with more rigidity. Over the years, I’ve been collecting birth-data from patients who tell me they are scheduled to be seen in the fracture clinic at the hospital where I work. 75% of the birthcharts of these patients in the fracture clinic with bone fractures or some other orthopedic malady have recently experienced a challenging aspect from Saturn in their birthchart.
    Keep up with that flexibility in your responses.
    Flexible Mind = Flexible Body.

  8. Jennifer Arena

    Thank goodness you are OK Glenn! I’ve been following your work for quite some time now and I very much look forward to being your student! I will be attending your event this evening. In the meantime, be careful 🙂
    Jennifer in MA

  9. Michelle Gould

    Whoa! I’m glad you’re okay, Glenn. Take care of you!

  10. Ellen

    Glad you are okay! Stay safe. 🙂

  11. Andrea Conlon

    Such a great share Glenn! I appreciate when astrological writers get personal and let us know how they use the wisdom of astrology personally. Also, I appreciated your comment about having a guardian angel and if you have one, we all must have one. Aren’t we all trying to connect with that guidance and love…

  12. Leda Blumberg

    So glad to hear that you are OK! When Saturn opposed my 12th house sun, I fell off a horse and needed knee surgery. This injury stopped me in my tracks and brought me back to astrology due to all the enforced down time.


    Very glad it was just a wake up call. Saturn/Pluto squared my sister’ Norma’s Sun and last week she left onto the next planet (she said after reading Journey of the Soul by Michael Newton). Thank you again for the words you wrote to me when I reached out as I was grieving. You are so thoughtful and I appreciated the way you comforted me, I am super glad it was not your time to go.

    • charlene steely

      Good Grief Charlie Brown……so happy you are alright. Saturn is a taskmaster for sure….keeping me on my toes these days.Charlie is really getting hit hard…..first Pluto,now Saturn….with his moon in Capricorn and conj the asc….hip replacement and now diabetics …..sweet mysteries of life on Planet Earth …. some days are diamonds and some are stones,Namaste my friend……miss our talks.

  14. Lise

    OHMYGOD Glenn! Stop that! See you in October.

  15. Susan Falk

    Some good Saturn lessons you learned-I’m happy you came out in good shape.

  16. Hazal

    Million thanks to your guardian angel Glenn. So glad you are ok.

  17. Linda MacLeod Goodman

    So glad you’re okay, Glenn!

  18. Gail Brokaw

    So sorry you had that scary and painful experience, and also happy that you had no serious injuries. Take care of yourself.

  19. Bonnie Phippen

    Hi Glenn – glad you’re ok! Hugs from Bonnie and Mark who live in Bend Oregon now. Call me! Same cell as always. 415.

  20. Alice

    Thanks Glenn for the heads up. Your Saturn experience woke me up just in time to focus on the Transiting Virgo planets to my natal Saturn at 19 Pisces.
    Glad you are ok. Stay well.

  21. Carol King

    Wow, Glen, I can relate! I have never been in the hospital or on any kind of medication my whole life except for having children and a broken arm, as a child. With four planets in the sixth house, I’m a bit of a “health nut” and fully intend to live to at least 120 (with stem cells and cell rejuvenation, etc. So, naturally, with Saturn/Pluto opposing my fifth house Cancer Sun in May of this year I wasn’t totally surprised when I woke up to a swollen ankle and calf that was hot and painful that sent me to the emergency room. Astrology never fails to amaze me. One thing astrology teaches us is things can change on a dime. There was a time when I believed a lot more in free will, now I know that certain things will happen at certain times and the only free will we have is how we react to them.

  22. Linda George

    Phew!! That was a close call Glenn. It must have been terrifying lying there thinking your back was broken! Thank heavens you are ok.
    I was wondering about your Jupiter Saturn link up when you said about bad luck with good (or vice versa)….the old silver linking. With my Jupiter Saturn tight conjunction I feel this plays out in my life. Maybe Jupiter was your guardian angel.

  23. Donna

    Glenn, You were born under some lucky stars to have avoided more serious injuries with these incidents. You make understanding astrology come alive : ). I had an interpretation of looking at possible inbalances of the feminine (Sun-Cancer/Home) and masculine (Saturn/Auto) energies needing to be realigned and brought into harmony. Both messages may be calling your attention to slow down and let you know it’s okay not to push yourself too hard. Take it easy.

  24. holly

    Really glad you are OK. Such events are indeed a wake up call. When I have one I often imagine “so this is what life would be like if…” But luckily it isn’t. Yes, like a dream. I wonder if Uranus plays a role now for you too?

  25. El

    I have learned to honor Saturn over time as I have a chronic illness. Saturn conj my moon in Virgo, 6th house. It’s been a great life as I am a nurse, astrologer and believe Saturn pushes us to the limits.
    Blessings to you.. Just be aware❤️

  26. Greg Bogart

    Glenn, glad you survived the fall and the truck incident relatively unscathed. Those were close calls. I think the universe wants you to continue your teaching and writing and some better-automotively-equipped country living.

  27. Richard Alongi

    Oh Glenn! What terrible occurrences! I’m glad to read that you’re ok. You make a great point on how we can use astrology to get to the deeper meaning of our experiences, maybe do as not to avoid recurrences (although the ones of these sorts you describe need not be repeated, and glad to read that you’re taking remedial actions), but to see more deeply into the significance of what life is offering to us. Thank you for your personal account and please be safe, especially during the transit period!

  28. Laura DesJardins

    Wow that is quite a hit to take… I’ve had Saturn square my Venus and lots of work on an old structure. But the Saturn /Sun… not yet. Be careful as that aspect gets very personal.

  29. Pamila Williams

    I am so glad you’re okay Glenn. I can relate to problems with Saturn transits as I have a stellium in Capricorn (we discussed this when I studying with you), and Saturn and Pluto are break-dancing all over me. I would love to be on your call on Tuesday, but I am attending a friend’s funeral in another town. Do you suppose you could record it and show it again later? Thanks—Pamila in Mobile, Alabama

  30. Celia

    Oh, my! So glad you are OK and can count your blessings as you say. Slow down and focus I guess!

  31. Jane Kendall

    Wow. Glad your ok!!! I guess Saturn can’t be all that bad then.

    • Gisele Terry

      Oh my gosh, Glenn! I am so relieved you have a guardian angel. Stay well under the rest of your Saturn opposition, pad your house and get a new Ford Ranger! Thinking of you, G

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